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The exceptionally versatile DJ-producer shows us the fruits of her recent labors.

Having spent her earlier years in Tel Aviv, Israel, with brief stints in Amsterdam and New York, Nidam arrived in Berlin in 2004. It was, she says, a “desperate move,” motivated, above all, by a need to “move forward” rather than pursue any particular musical endeavor. “I needed to move, to see somewhere else and to get away from everything. It had nothing to do with trying to become a successful musician,” she says.


01. Odd Machine “Phase in” (Non Standard Productions)
02. Kisk “Made” (Kjofol ritornello remix) (Apparel Music)
03. Efdemin “Night Train” (Dial Records)
04. Pigon “Sunrise Industry” (Dial Records)
05. Le Borgne 07 “Crazy Diamonds” (Le Borgne)
06. DJ Koze “La duquesa” (Pampa Records)
07. Kjofol “While others go and come” (Apparel Music)
08. SCSI-9 “Intronome” (Klik Records)

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