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No matter your thoughts on electro house’s hyper-compressed grind, there’s no denying the influence of its plus-sized beats on modern styles. While many of the genre’s biggest names have flamed out or faded away since its heyday in the second half of the 2000s, others have proved more durable and versatile. Boys Noize, AKA Alexander Ridha, is a case-in-point. For a while tracks like “& Down” were inescapable at mainstream festivals, but these days he’s playing at Robert Johnson and releasing heads-down techno 12-inches on his eponymous label. He spent the intervening years attempting to link the relentless energy of his early productions to other styles—he might collaborate with someone like Skrillex but he can still drop Randomer, Anthony Naples and I-F in a mix.

Ridha’s latest album is called Mayday and it features the hyperactive blend of builds and drops that you’ll recall from his debut Oi Oi Oi. The palette, however, has shifted from stadium-ready pounders to classic EBM, electro and techno, all of which you’ll hear in this hour-long mix. Sceptics might be surprised at the depth of the selections, as Ridha powers through a blend of martial beats.


Voitex – Eremit
An-i – Save Us
Pankow – Das Vodkalied
Tzusing – No Primordial State
Elec Pt.1 – Moonoo
Esplendor Geometrico – Rotor (1988)
Powell – Club Music (Ancient Methods’ Körpersäure 91′ Remix)
Prostitutes – Cuyahoga Frankenstein Shark Story of the Century
Black Merlin – Burn It
Greg Beato – Worship These Balls
An Ultimate DJ – Sondages
Absurd – Der Akt
Privacy – Apex Predator
J Choirboy – Fantazia
User – Untitled
Four Legs – Shark
Burglar Tom – Arrabiata
Nitzer Ebb – Let Your Body Learn (Boys Noize Edit)
Sleeparchive – Track 3
DAF – El Que (Boys Noize Edit)
DJ Bone – Change
Crass – The Suspects

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