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Angus Finlayson must be one of the few club artists working today influenced as much by cult Glasgow band The Blue Nile as classic DMZ-era dubstep. Since 2012, the DJ, producer and journalist has been making inventive club music as Minor Science, but also vocal covers and Scott Walker-inspired drone projects.

After making his debut proper on The Trilogy Tapes in 2014, Finlayson found a regular home on Nic Tasker’s Whities label in 2015, which has released three of his records so far as well as a cassette mix, Absent Friends. Last year’s brilliantly weird ‘Volumes’ – which combines a screwface bass drop and a playful vocal sample – was also one of FACT’s favorite techno tracks of 2017.

Though Finlayson’s mixes have been known to explore ambient and early electronic territory, his FACT session is a selection in the vein of his club sets, pitting sinewy synthwave from Charles Manier and vintage electro from Synapse alongside cuts from Peverelist, TSVI & Wallwork, Shawn Rudiman and Cristian Vogel.

“I read this amazing article in the LRB recently that got me thinking about octopuses,” Finlayson says of the mix. “Two-thirds of their neurons are in their arms, meaning each arm sort of has an agency of its own. I feel that way when DJing sometimes – parts of my collection with different rhythmic agendas are often trying to wriggle off in different directions. This mix tries to bring them into concert.”


Phew – ‘In The Doghouse’ [Mesh-Key] Geoffrey Landers – ‘Smooth Edges’ [Music From Memory] The Horn – ‘Lady Subject No. 7’ [self-released] Mor Elian – ‘Gamma Gulch’ [Radio Matrix] Mystic Letter K – ‘Law of IO’ [H-Productions] Factory Floor – ‘Relay’ (Charles Manier Remix) [DFA] Synapse – ‘The Lower’ [Serotonin] Boris Noiz – ‘Puls’ [Yellow Machines] Jensen Interceptor feat. Assembler Code – ‘Lean Before the Interview’ [BNR Trax] Pote – ‘Karma’ [Enchufada] TSVI & Wallwork feat. Nico Lindsay – ‘Facts’ [Black Acre] Sierra & TD_Nasty – ‘Bones’ [Gang Fatale] Divoli S’vere – ‘Kiki’ [Qween Beat] Kahuun – ‘Plenty Headroom’ [Ploink] Shawn Rudiman – ‘Ruffcut’ [Matrix] Klon Dump – ‘Specialist’ [A Colourful Storm] TSVI – ‘12345678’ [Enklav] Cristian Vogel – ‘Comes’ (2015 Remastered) [Sub Rosa] Peverelist – ‘Still Early’ [Livity Sound] Heiko Laux – ‘Consense (Part 2)’ [Kanzleramt] E-Unity – ‘Unknown Graffito’ [Intramuros]

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