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Dario and Marco Zenker first started making waves on the Munich scene back in the late 2010s; Dario was the first to break through, moving from his suburban base to the city and quickly refining his taste and Marco followed soon after.

It took the duo a little longer to solidify their working relationship though. Eventually it was “a natural development” and the two combined their studios, kicked off the Ilian Tape label – which turned 10 this year – and began to gain notoriety for their vivid back-to-back sets.

In 2015, the Zenker Brothers released their debut album Immersion, a crunchy fusion of their interests: hip-hop, UK bass music, techno and hardcore. It was hardly surprising that the album was one of FACT’s favorite records of that year.

The duo’s FACT mix is similarly explosive, pulling no punches and throwing us straight into a Munich warehouse with crashing breaks, gut-punching bass and the kind of melodies that only really make sense after your darknet purchases have arrived in the mail.

A Decade Ilian Tape is out now on 3×12″ and digital and features tracks from Zenker Brothers, Skee Mask, Andrea and more.


Su Tissue – ‘Salon de Musique’
Charlemagne Palestine – ‘Sliding Fifths’
Celina y Reutilio – ‘A Santa Bárbara (Viva Changó)’
La Lupe – ‘Te Voy A Contar Mi Vida’
Iris Chacón – ‘Si Tu Boquita Fuera’
Lizzy Mercier Descloux – ‘Fire’
Lime – ‘Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonight’
Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch – ‘Superman’
Love & Kisses – ‘How Much, How Much I Love You’
Tantra – ‘Hills Of Katmandu’
Dinosaur L – ‘Go Bang! #5’
René et Gaston – ‘Vallée des Larmes’
Tone of Arc – ‘Goodbye Horses’
Chris & Cosey – ‘October (Love Song)’

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