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    Nick Hoppner
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    House – Techno
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You may best know Nick Höppner as the man behind Ostgut Ton, one of contemporary house and techno’s most celebrated imprints. But he doesn’t regard himself as the traditional label manager. Instead, he’s more of a facilitator, allowing the artists on the label—and play at the club with which it is associated, Berlin’s Berghain and Panorama Bar—to simply do their thing. It wasn’t supposed to be like this necessarily. Höppner never thought the label would do much beyond its first compilation. Now it’s more than five years old, and about to release a new one from Höppner himself, a hugely talented DJ in his own right. Höppner talked us through his journey from Hamburg to Berlin, touching on his DJing and production career along the way, earlier this week in advance of his appearance at Stop Making Sense.



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