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Nick Harris recently tied a bow around NRK Music with the announcement that he would close the label with a three-disc compilation celebrating its 15-year run. It was not the end, however. Harris’ production career, which began in earnest only a few years ago, is his new focus. So are the three labels that he now runs in the wake of NRK’s closure. But as Harris moves on to new projects, we felt it was a good time to look back on the story so far. NRK was one of the few house bastions in Bristol, often taking a backseat to the city’s obsession with dub-related genres. The imprint left an indelible mark on the electronic music world, though, with the likes of Nick Holder, Ian Pooley, Peace Division and Ed Davenport contributing to its rise over the years. We talked to Harris recently about the label, its legacy and what comes next.



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