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Although the deephouse traveller looks back to an amazing amount of pristine releases with the first official vinyl pressed back in 2007 one can still call him a young gun. Especially if you look around in the deeper fields of house music these days this gifted producer and DJ seems to be a great exception. And this isn’t a disadvantage at all: With all the energy in his mind and hands Sascha Dive proves with every gig and every production that he easily plays on one level as many of his legends, if not even higher.

However Sascha Dive is not only taking his sound and vision to the world’s finest floors, he still manages it to release more and more music. Dive released a vast amount of productions and remixes on high class labels such as Tsuba, Freebase, Deep Labs (Balance US), Raum…Musik or Stir15. And besides all the touring and producing he still runs his own “Deep Vibes” label with great success. “Deep Vibes” brought up some outstanding music by Sascha Dive and his his buddies and „house-mates“ like Brothers Vibe, Robert Dietz, Christian Burkhardt or Markus Fix (just to name a few) and most of it on vinyl! So it’s no wonder that vinyl master Sven Väth signed Sascha to Cocoon Artists and Cocoon Recordings.

We welcome him to the Data Transmission Podcast this week…

Sum up this podcast in 10 words…
This Podcast shows what I play right now in the Clubs.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?
Sound of the suburbs – I won’t stop

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?
This dj mix is a selection from new artists whom I want to support and from old records that I really like. It was recorded with one Allen & Heath Mixer and two Technic turntables. All the tracks are available on vinyl!

What’s the best gig you’ve played recently?
In Sabaudia in Italy in the woods.

What have you got coming up?
My next Ep will be on Minimood + Remix from Ion Ludwig.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?
Please go to your local record store and support them by buying Vinyls.


1. Pellarin – Tango for Berlin (Reshape)
2.S.A.M. (5) ‎– Terminal
3. Bluetrain – Friday Night (Dub Version)
4. JQUE PBRS TGXU – Coleid
5. Fumiya Tanaka – The Mysterious Pocket Is Right
6. Franco Cinelli – Secreto de Montana
7. Giuliano Lomonte – Supernature
8. Nicco – Moon Games (Julien Sandre Remix)
9. Rednail Kidz – Do my Thing
10. Impossible beings – too Late (Too latex Dub)
11. Sound of the suburbs – I won’t stop
12. The T-Collective – Burnin (Subterranean Mix featuring Minimal Dub
13. Cult Fusion – Allegiance to the Sound
14. The Sound of impermanence – The Sound
15. Sascha Dive – Lab#3
16. Q3A – Space Chamber

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