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He runs Let’s Play House, a roving house, disco, and techno party as well as an imprint of the same persuasion, with friend and partner, Nik Mercer. He owns three plants, a rotary mixer, thousands of records, and a similar number of T-shirts. Despite working within the confines of a different genre, Dischord Records is still probably his favorite label.

We bumped in to him over a year ago and discuss him doing this mix and it’s finally here, so we are very excited today to give you Jacques Renualt on the Data Transmission podcast!

Sum up this podcast in 10 words…
NYC sunset vibes that I’ve been feeling the past month.

What’s your personal favorite track on it?
The Eddie C edit of Jumpin. My friend Eug turned me onto it a few months back and it hasn’t left my bag since.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?
A bit of the new mixed with a bit of the old, best ingredient combination out there.

What’s the best gig you’ve played recently?
I was on a rooftop last week which was a lot of fun, I tried to keep that vibe going here.

What have you got coming up?
I’ve got this new Local Talk edit compilation! There are 2 tracks from that in this mix that have not been shared yet so you’ve got the exclusive.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?
I mean other than the obvious and say let’s keep our spirits high and not let all the bullshit happening in the world bring us down? It’s difficult I know, but staying positive is the only way to carry on. I hope you enjoy the music!


1 – Jacques Renault “Faith (Lemonade remix)” [Let’s Play House] 2 – Jump Source “Empathy Mix” [ASL Singles Club] 3 – Jex Opolis “DZE” [Good Timin’] 4 – Luke Solomon & Jonny Rock “Luca Frangpian” [Futureboogie] 5 – Todd Terje & the Olsens “Disco Circus” [Olsen Records] 6 – Musique “Keep On Jumpin (Eddie C edit)” [Let’s Get Lost] 7 – Don Ray “Got To Have Loving (O.C. edit)” [Nous’klaer Audio] 8 – O’Jays “I Love Music (Johnny Vicious edit)” [White label] 9 – HNNY “Hotline Riddim (Jacques Renault edit)” [Local Talk] 10 – Eli Escobar “Phreeky” [Classic] 11 – Disco Revisited “When Luv’s The Feelin” [Intangible Records & Soundworks] 12 – Fulbert “Full Time House (Jacques Renault edit)” [Local Talk] 13 – Earth Boys “Feel The Rhythm” [2MR]

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