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Although he had been making beats and buying records for a few years, it was in 1997, soon after graduating from high school, that Matt really started contributing to the NW Hip-Hop scene and took over hosting and DJing duties for the influential and long running radio show, Liquid Beat, on KLCC in Eugene. After moving to Portland in 2003, he then took the simulcast to KPSU a few years later. Being an almost exclusively vinyl based program from its inception, Matt learned about records, and fell further in
love with the format, as much of what he was playing was only released on 12”. Subsequently, he has never lost his passion for vinyl, and for the record store culture that inspired him to dig deep to find artists and songs to break.

In 2011, after releasing two 12”s himself, Matt took the next step to start Liquid Beat Records as an outlet to put out music he felt passionate about. The label focuses on forward thinking Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, and Soul, while maintaining a classic, timeless feel. Having released music from Roane Namuh & Reva DeVito, HOT16, Libretto, and The Love Loungers, Liquid Beat has established itself as a trusted, vinyl and DJ centered label.

This all vinyl mix* expertly showcases a few gems from Liquid Beat’s catalog, alongside other great tracks from some phenomenal likeminded artists and labels. Plus, in true
mixtape fashion, there are a few exclusive remixes/blends found only in this mix. Genuinely hope you enjoy the listen!

*Excludes acapellas from the Liquid Beat catalog used for the remixes/blends, those are
not pressed on wax.



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