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Modern drum tracks often utilize breaks that are decades old, but sound like nothing ever heard before. Over the past few years, labels like Night Slugs, Hessle Audio and Keysound Recordings have been delving into the realm of drum tracks, their respective artists massaging the ‘nuum sounds of grime, jungle and techno into a whole new beast. Peverelist, Pearson Sound, Objekt and more have set the pace for this fresh, percussive sound, but lately a new crop of producers, Akito, Visionist and Helix to name a few, have taken the torch and ran with it. Today we’re focusing on London-based Neana who’s garnered quite a bit of attention in recent months as a constant fixture in Bok Bok’s Rinse.FM mixes.

Drawing on a wide range of influences including noise act the Fuck Buttons and jazz drummer Roy Brooks, Neana has honed his ultra-percussive sound through a series of bootlegs, taking on the likes of Kingdom, Dizzee Rascal and Kanye West. As for Neana’s guest mix, it’s a 45+ minute exhibition through kicks, snares and breakbeat science, broken up with Jersey club and ballroom. Neana draws from American and British producers equally, amalgamating the wildly popular sounds of London with the still relatively insular sounds of Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Jersey. Check out and download the mix below and hit the jump for the track list and Neana’s favorite drum tracks. We bet they’ll surprise you in the best way possible.


E3 Night Flight – Logos
Ice Drop (Spha Remix) – Dj Lag
Love is Real (Trap Door Booty) – Jam City
Bloodlines – Rushmore
Through – Alex Deamonds
Luv Thang (Gang Fatale Bootleg) – Trap Door
Get It Girl (w synth) – Piri Piri
Chain – Moleskin
RZ-1 Jam – Dance System
Bells – Jam City
Reality Check – Dreams
Who-U-Wit – Deeon
Jansen (Dj Sliink rmx) – FBOM
Pumps (MikeQ Remix) – Imaabs
Spectral Evidence – Vissacoor
Earthquake – K Millz & Tokyo
Disk Error – ??
All Ends – Fraxinus
Tayco – Morgan Zarate
Taste The Rainbow – Kevin Jz Prodigy
Recluse (Georgia Girls Fuck Wit It) – Neana On The Trak
Harp Bell – Nguzunguzu
Lil Freak rmx – Dj K Dueces, Dj Tricks & Dj Problem
Werk This Krash – Vjuan Allure
Pussying Out (Demo 1) – Georgia Girls & Neana On The Trak
JJ aka Nasty rmx – TT Neana
500000000000000 Years (Georgia Girls Edit) – Jam City
Enemy Drumz – Kelela & Dj Master D
Total Crush – Neana On The Trak
Drive U Cray – Dj Uniique

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